How to enjoy Bucharest on a budget


From the outside looking in, Bucharest can sometimes feel like it has parallel identities – a cheap, rough-and-tumble side and a high end, luxurious side. At first glance, the lack of a middle ground can be frustrating, but it does exist, often being hidden just below the surface. The secret to enjoying this city is finding those elusive midway points where extraordinary value meets low costs. Check out the places on this list and you’ll discover the Bucharest that keeps your budget intact without sacrificing a single drop of enjoyment.


Your Morning Coffee


Like most things in metropolitan Bucharest, coffee runs the gamut from atrocious to amazing, so finding that perfect blend of price and quality can be like the proverbial needle in the haystack. On the low-cost side, 5 To Go has exploded since launching in 2015 and now it seems like there’s one on every corner. A morning cuppa will set you back a measly 5 lei (~$1.30) – quite the inexpensive way to start the day off right.


At the other end of the coffee spectrum, you’ll find no better value than at Origo – the founders of the elite Bucharest bean scene. scannable ids,A flat white may be more pricey at 13 lei (~$3.50), but you can rest assured that it’ll be one of the best in the city.


What to Do


For checking out Romanian and Bucharestian culture, it’s all about timing. Be aware that nearly every museum has a free day (look here, right click -> Translate to English) and you’d do well to plan around these times. In addition, Bucharest is a city of events and the countless “white nights” (Museums, Art Galleries, even Old Houses) and other goings-on offer a great way to see interesting places at a substantial discount.


When you want to keep your daily costs down to, well… nothing, the parks in Bucharest are the cream of the crop. From free, 2-hour bike rentals in Herastrau Park (seriously, all you need is an ID) to open ping pong tables and newly-installed exercise equipment in Tineretului, Circus, and many other parks, a visit to the park can last an entire day.


Time for Dinner


Finding restaurant value in Bucharest is like nailing jelly to a tree – not the easiest thing to do. At the same time, there are some true diamonds in the rough if you know where to look, and Modelier is a prime example. With a buzzing vibe and top quality, affordable meals, this bar/restaurant may be hidden deep in the heart of the city, but it’s certainly worth seeking out.


A Night Out


Ask any local what’s the best club in Bucharest and you may be surprised just how many name Control. Down a side street in the center of town, the joint has two main rooms, Scannable Fake IDs,a huge terrace, and bars in all three places. Host nightly to the best DJs and live music (mostly electronic, but also other genres), the only problem with Control is that it can be downright expensive. However, there is a solution – Tuesday nights. After 22:00, prices are slashed in half, meaning you have an incredible place to party at the cost of a dive bar.


Don’t let Bucharest’s two faces fool you – expensive and cheap are not the only options.Fake IDs,  The happy medium is there and once you know where to look, you’ll find a vibrant city that has a habit of turning casual visitors into long-term residents.

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